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Concrete Flatwork & Foundation Contractors serving Nampa, ID

Setting up concrete patio in Boise Idaho
Setting up concrete patio in Boise Idaho
At Platinum Concrete and Construction, we are passionate about providing the best of concrete services here in the Treasure Valley. We are specialists in flatwork, and we provide a variety of services that showcase our expertise, including:
  • Removing decks and replacing wood patios
  • Pergolas/awnings
  • New concrete driveways & driveway extensions
  • Removing decks and replacing wood patios
  • Stamped concrete

We understand that each home and each property comes with a unique aesthetic and vision. We love creating unique pieces that best fit each property, from the very foundation on which everything is built to the functional concrete structures around the property. Part of the beauty of concrete is the fact that it comes with a degree of creativity, where each project comes with its own unique elements. When you work with Platinum Concrete and Construction, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We value honesty and integrity which allows our clients to rely on us to provide the kind of high-quality services they are seeking.

Concrete Foundation Installation Contractors in Boise, ID


Perhaps the most vital component of any structure is the foundation. At Platinum Concrete and Construction, we take the task of building a strong, high-quality foundation very seriously. Especially here in Boise, ID, where there are many new builds going up, we strive to be the very best among concrete contractors and uphold our good name as we prove time and time again the extent of our expertise. While there are a number of different materials that can be used for foundations, we recommend using poured concrete--our specialty. Advantages include:
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Low maintenance

Poured concrete has absolutely no vulnerability to rot and decay, and the best part of it is there there is no maintenance required whatsoever. Poured concrete has a long lifespan, and does not have many maintenance issues, even compared to other materials used for home foundations. 
Finished concrete patio in Boise Idaho


The primary reason poured concrete is the top choice for foundations in homes is that it’s exceptionally durable and strong. Concrete flexes and compresses with extremes in temperature and is strong enough to consistently exceed safety regulations.


Poured concrete is fire resistant, and has no joints, meaning there are less opportunities for leakage and water damage. These added benefits increase the overall safety and security of homes with poured concrete foundations! 

Foundation Repair & Flatwork Contractors


We pride ourselves on being among the best concrete companies here in the Treasure Valley. In addition to foundation work, we also offer a number of concrete services, including: 
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Stamped decorative concrete

Enjoy the affordability, strength, and durability of a concrete installation while having the freedom to choose an aesthetic that matches the rest of your property.
Pergolas & Concrete | Platinum Concrete Construction
Pergolas & Concrete | Platinum Concrete Construction

Concrete patios

The low-maintenance way to go, concrete backyard patios are long-lasting and can create the perfect space for friends and family to mix and mingle. 
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Sidewalks and driveways

Driveways and concrete pathways are a need on every residential property, and we are excited to offer top-tier services to our clients who are ready to install a new driveway or to replace an old one. 
At the end of the day, our end goal is to ensure that we are meeting each client’s unique vision for their property. As concrete walkway, patio, driveway, and foundation contractors serving the Boise, ID area, we are eager to serve you and your individual needs.

At Platinum Concrete and Construction, we are excited about the satisfaction we consistently deliver to our clients because of the quality of our work. From the very foundation of your home, shed, or addition to driveways and walkways, patios, and more, the concrete components of your property play a role in the functionality of your home.

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We are passionate about helping you bring your vision to life in Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Meridian, ID, and all surrounding areas. Give us a call at (208) 850-5626 or fill out our online contact form for more information today.

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